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January 2018 – Getting the Most Out of Outsourcing Your Projects

Omnicon has been a trusted outsource partner to startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, across industries such as Aerospace, Rail and Transportation, Military and Defense, Medical Devices, and Commercial Electronics. Whether you are looking to award a multi-year development project, or one-off analyses, our 33 years of experience on both sides of the supplier/buyer relationship has led us to master the nuance of starting new business relationships. The following questions are likely to arise in new subcontract or outsource endeavor.

Should I outsource this project?
Many companies first come across this question when their engineering organization gets a new demand that they can’t meet. Our advice is to have an answer to this question long before that happens. A better, more immediate question to consider is: What is my organization’s outsourcing strategy?

There are many strategies you may choose to employ when subcontracting with an engineering services provider. The most common reasons for outsource are to regain schedule or good standing with a customer, overcome a technical challenge, focus on core competencies, get an independent outside opinion, or simply to supplement your team with immediately available experienced engineering resources that can be productive with minimal training to make up for fluctuations in demand.

These days, most companies are matrixed organizations and we’re all asked to juggle projects and priorities. When a project calls for a dedicated team, it’s often difficult to assemble such a team for the period of performance. An external team won’t be divided by competing schedules and deadlines and can stay laser focused on a specific business need while your core team balances the daily needs of your organization.

How do I choose a Supplier?
Once you’ve decided to enlist external aid on an engineering project, you’ll have to consider candidates and weigh their proposals. Candidates that have verifiable experience and objective measures of success should top your list. Your candidate’s engineering and quality processes should be routinely audited and certified. You should understand their work history, past customers, accomplishments, and research their reputation using references and testimonials.

When you enlist Omnicon’s services, you’re working with a certified AS 9100 and ISO 9001 company. This means we have proven that we deliver consistent levels of quality to our customers with well-defined and processes and procedures ranging from Reliability, Maintainability and Safety (RM&S) Engineering; Hardware, Software and Systems Engineering; Development of Special Test Equipment; and Design, Development, and Manufacturing of Products. We are pleased to share our testimonials from our customers to support our work.

How do I work with a Supplier?
A supplier that wants to become a long-term partner will be interested in learning more than what the job entails. Listen for questions that show that they care about how the project is being executed, how status is being communicated, and for any ways to improve your experience as a customer. A dedicated, proactive supplier will be actively getting to know your product, suggesting alternative approaches, understanding your core design decisions, and exhaustively presenting methods and options to you to get the best possible outcome.

Skilled Engineers with Experience
Omnicon, part of HBM Prenscia Solutions, has years of experience as an industry leader. Our partnership with HBM Prenscia’s nCode Federal, LLC means we will continue to deliver unwavering technical innovation by developing cost effective software, hardware, and test solutions, while working with you to develop solutions for today and tomorrow. To discuss the opportunity to assist you in your next project, simply complete the form on our website or contact us here.

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