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50 Engineers Rd, Hauppauge, NY 11788


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Board Complete Product Development

Complete Product Development by The Omnicon Group

Omnicon can turn your ideas into products with complete product development solutions. We have a long history of developing products based on customer specifications. We can also work with you to develop product specifications. You do the market research and, under your direction, we will develop your design. If needed, we can also arrange to have it manufactured by our partners. Omnicon and its’ partners are ISO-9001-2008 and/or AS-9100-C certified.

We first review your specifications and work with you to make them complete, consistent, clear and testable. We will then develop high-level designs to meet your approval and recommend how they might be modified to cut costs, improve reliability and safety, and provide other desirable qualities. Following your approval, we will develop detailed designs for software and electronic hardware to applicable development standards, from best commercial practices to those required for FAA certification. We emphasize product reliability, safety, testability and manufacturability.

Omnicon will fabricate first article units as required for verification. We develop test plans to minimize test time by using commercial equipment and automated techniques wherever practical. Omnicon is responsible for assuring that the final design meets all requirements. We also work closely with our manufacturing partners to assure that production line startup is trouble-free as possible.

All Phases of Your Product Development

Phases include requirements development and analysis, electronic and mechanical design, test development, design of special test equipment, and large quantity production. Your product development will be structured appropriately to meet applicable requirements and standards. Whether your product is a new piece of equipment or an update to an existing system, we assemble a specialized team of engineers, program managers and reliability and safety experts from our staff to execute each phase of the program.

Radio Complete Product Development


The Omnicon Group works closely with our manufacturing partners to provide you with an all inclusive design and manufacturing house. Our services cover all aspects including design fabrication, final assembly and testing. Our customers reap the rewards as we work with you to control costs, lower risk and guarantee quality.

Complete Product Development


The Omnicon Group specializes in high quality test engineering services and test equipment. We develop test approaches, test procedures and test automation for hardware, software and systems.

Test Chamber

April 25, 2016