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Independent Verification and Validation Check mark

Complete Independent Verification and Validation

Products with safety critical and reliability requirements must be developed with test preparation and tested by people who were not part of the development staff. However, the benefits of an independent test team apply to non-critical products as well. Test team independence provides confidence that test procedures will accurately and thoroughly address each requirement without any bias that might come from earlier involvement with requirements development or knowledge of informal test results. In addition, test team independence means the team is free to concentrate solely on test issues.

  • System, High-Level, Low-Level and Derived Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements-Based Testing
  • Unit Test Design
  • Test Case Authoring and Execution
  • Test Coverage Analysis
  • Tracebility Analysis and Matrix

Streamlining Independent Verification and Validation (V&V)

Omnicon engineers are experienced in test development and testing of virtually every kind of product. We develop test procedures with several goals.

  • Maximize use of automated test equipment
  • Design test case procedures to be independent of other test cases and relatively short to minimize retest time and effort
  • Design test cases to cover as many requirements as practical
  • Write test procedures clearly and unambiguously, with explanations wherever necessary to clarify the approach and goal of each set of procedures

Robustness testing is also included to verify predictable system behavior when specified conditions are exceeded – for example, excessive message traffic or excessive power line disturbances.

Independent Verification and Validation medical devices
Independent Verification and Validation Cockpit

More Than Just V&V

Omnicon engineers have the experience to assist with other tasks associated with verification and validation. Requirements analysis, usually performed at the start of a project, assures that all requirements are consistent, complete, unambiguous and testable. Traceability matrixes, developed over the course of a project, link each requirement to one or more design description documents and to specific test procedures. Code coverage testing, performed with a commercial software tool, identifies specific lines of source code that are executed by normal software operations so that remaining lines can be assessed by analysis.

April 27, 2016