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January 2015 – Omnicon and Qualmark Establish Strategic Alliance to Enhance Product Reliability

To further enhance their individual value to customers, The Omnicon Group and Qualmark Corporation announced their forthcoming synergistic partnership today at the 61st Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS) in Palm Harbor, Florida. The strategic agreements will provide customers with Qualmark’s Accelerated Stress Testing capabilities and Omnicon’s design, analysis, and review methodologies at the earliest point in the product development life cycle. It will continue all the way through to production, improving time to market and reducing product development and qualification test costs. The products and services provided by each company will deliver an unrivaled opportunity for companies to work closely with two reliability industry leaders. With a streamlined and optimized expert team working in tandem, customers can look forward to developing and releasing better products in less time.

Qualmark has continuously been the largest manufacturer of accelerated reliability test systems worldwide since pioneering the technology in the early 1990s. Their patented Accelerated Stress systems are recognized as some of the fastest and most effective disciplines for design reliability testing and production screen-ing for electronics and electro-mechanical equipment. “Over 500 of the Global 1000 manufacturers rely on Qualmark technology. Having completed over 5,000 HALT/ HASS tests and over 1,000 installations in 35 countries, we have established ourselves as a knowledge leader in accele-rated environmental screening (AccESS) and stress testing methods, so the partnership with Omnicon not only makes sense, but strategically aligns their proven expertise with ours to deliver a tremendous benefit and unique opportunity to current and prospective customers. Together, we can help them speed new products to market, shorten test turnaround, and ultimately improve quality and reliability,” remarked Qualmark CEO, Mr. Andy Drenick.

The Omnicon Group, established in 1984, is an award winning company offering superior engineering solutions and full product development capabilities. Omnicon engineers are the recipients of more reliability awards from the IEEE Reliability Society than any other company in the world! In addition to their leadership position in reliability engineering, Omnicon specializes in development of complete test solutions, the full life cycle of software and electronic hardware, exhaustive system and safety analyses, and certification support services. Headquartered in New York, the company has completed more than 1,500 projects for over 300 companies worldwide. “We are looking forward to this exciting strategic collaboration with Qualmark,” stated Scott B. Abrams, Omnicon President and CEO, “It will greatly benefit our existing and future customers by providing improved quality and reliability of products. Omnicon is eager to offer our customers the opportunity to receive Qualmark’s accelerated reliability test systems. In the end it is about helping customers develop robust products and bring them to market quicker without sacrificing reliability or quality.”

The Omnicon Group and Qualmark will begin rolling out this program to eligible customers on February 16, 2015.

In above photo, from left to right: Cami Marsh (Marketing Manager of Qualmark), Andy Drenick (CEO of Qualmark), Scott Abrams (President of Omnicon), and Karen J. Frank (Director of Corporate Development of Omnicon)

By: The Omnicon Group

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January 29, 2015

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