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September 2007 – Omnicon Develops Improved Tool for Interconnection Analysis

The Omnicon Group has announced a new version of its software tool for bent pin and shorted wire analysis. Version 3.0 provides more realistic and accurate results than the previous version because it recognizes that a bent pin in a real-world connector often curves when flattened against the opposite mating surface. Thus, in many real-world connectors, a bent pin may short to not just one pin but two, or short to both another pin and the shell.

“Engineers perform bent pin analysis to assure a safer and more reliable product” noted Mark Saglimbene, Director of Reliability, Maintainability, and Safety Engineering at The Omnicon Group. The new improved tool helps achieve this goal with algorithms that recognize pin curvature, occulting of pins by other pins, and failure modes that include multiple shorts caused by a single bent pin.

These new algorithms greatly improve the accuracy and thoroughness of predicted failure modes and failure rates. Increased use of automation means faster turnaround with fewer possibilities of human error. Additional improvements include visual feedback to assure correctness of data entry, no restriction on connector size, the effects of different pin diameters in the same connector, and mathematically correct analysis of all types of connectors such as those containing bendable pins along with non-bending coaxial or optical contacts. The new algorithms also compute precise failure rates for pins shorting to connector shells of any shape.

As in the previous version, the new improved tool composes descriptions of failure modes and low-level failure effects, allowing analysts to focus on circuits and systems without looking at pins and wires.

For more information contact:
Karen J. Frank
The Omnicon Group

By: The Omnicon Group

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