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January 2013 – Omnicon FTA-FMEA Compare Tool

Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) is a structured way to trace causes of potential system failures back to the failures of one or more underlying components. Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a complementary structured method that examines potential failures of individual components and traces the affects up to the system level. These top-down and bottom-up analyses give a complete picture of how a system can fail, the causes of failures, and consequences.

FTA and FMEA are usually performed by different analysts to assure independence of assessments and conclusions. The independent determinations must of course be consistent in both kinds of analyses, but consistency checking is difficult because completed analyses may run well over a thousand pages. To address this challenge, Omnicon has developed a software tool that compares FTAs and corresponding FMEAs. The FTA-FMEA Compare Tool detects and reports four important inconsistencies:

  • FTA events that aren’t addressed in the FMEA
  • FMEA failure modes that don’t contribute to an FTA
  • FMEA failure modes with higher severity figures than one or more effected fault trees
  • FMEA failure modes with severity figures lower than every effected fault tree
The FTA-FMEA Compare Tool also provides additional information to help analysts correct these deficiencies.

For more information see: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis and Fault Tree Analysis
Or contact: Karen J. Frank
The Omnicon Group

By: The Omnicon Group

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March 11, 2013

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