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Safety Compliance and Certification

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Product Development

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The Omnicon Group is a Product Assurance Leader

Omnicon makes your product ready for production. The exciting new product that looks good on paper is almost never ready for the production line. Thoroughness of testing to specifications, safety, reliability, manufacturability, production test, and maintainability, are essential parts of engineering the best possible product.

Omnicon is an established leader in Product Assurance for real-world developments. Our structured processes and decades of experience in product assurance can help make your product ready for production and avoid unpleasant surprises along the way. Our expertise in reliability analyses, maintainability and safety engineering, test engineering, test development, and development of software and electronic hardware help get your product ready for production as quickly as possible with the least risk.

Omnicon will review your new product while it is under development and recommend ways that product assurance engineering can shorten the path to production and product success.

Reliability & Maintainability Engineering

Corporate leaders recognize that product reliability, maintainability, and safety are engineering activities of ever-increasing importance. Customer demand, competition, and risk of recall mean that these activities require top priority in product development and production.


Safety Engineering

The Omnicon Group performs structured product analyses that make good designs better. Stress analysis, failure modes and effects analysis, and other types of analyses are design review techniques that examine product designs from different perspectives to discover what can possibly go wrong. These analyses also help determine how potential problems can be prevented.

Safety Engineering


Meeting requirements is only part of producing a successful product. Testability minimizes costs of design verification, production acceptance testing, and troubleshooting. Omnicon test engineers can assess the testability of your design and its requirements. We suggest ways to improve test thoroughness while streamlining test operations and fault isolation methods.

Chain Quality Assurance

Verification & Validation

The Omnicon Group’s engineering team has the necessary skills to break down and understand requirements and specifications at all levels. The requirements are reviewed and measured for completeness using our proven series of checklists. Omnicon’s experienced test engineers will author test cases and procedures ensuring the requirements and objectives have been met using checklists and methodologies established by years of experience.

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April 25, 2016