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Effective Program Execution

Effective Program Execution is the Key to Your Program Success

Industry leaders know that you can assemble the best team possible, but if the program is not executed correctly the program can still fail. That is why companies rely on The Omnicon Group to carry out budget and time critical programs. Key components of program execution are program management, project leadership and risk identification/mitigation.

Whether your program is large or small, The Omnicon Group has the knowledge and expertise to complete the task. We have the technical background along with the leadership skills to get your program back on track and completed on time and on budget. Our staff knows the importance of being proactive by consistently monitoring and evaluating performance. Omnicon program managers and leaders become an essential factor, working in unison with your team, ensuring the best possible outcome for your program.

Program Management

The Omnicon Group provides our customers with program managers who are knowledgeable and focused on delivering quality and excellence, while adhering to schedule and cost constraints on a program. We act as an extension of our clients’ staff, protecting their interests as our own.

Complete Program Management

Project Leadership

As project leaders, we understand that to be successful we not only have to lead the group as a whole, but also provide leadership for each and every individual within the group. Omnicon leaders will energize your staff, inspiring them to achieve extraordinary results. Exceptional teamwork breeds success!

leadership Program Execution

Risk Identification & Mitigation

The Omnicon Group has a long track record of performing product risk assessments, for hardware and software. Omnicon also performs structured risk assessment of each phase of a product’s life cycle, including risks associated with requirements, engineering development, testing and production. Once risks are identified, Omnicon analyzes determining the effect of the risk, the probability of the risk occurring, and the impact of the risk.

Risk Identification & Mitigation

April 25, 2016