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Sneak Circuit Analysis Chip

The Omnicon Group has performed Sneak Circuit Analysis on Critical Products for more than 20 years

Sneak Circuit Analysis (SCA) is an established means for finding latent design flaws (rather than component failures) that cause behavior problems in control circuits and systems. These design flaws cause anomalies such as train doors that open while the train is in motion or the un-commanded launch of a missile. Sneak conditions are classified into four basic types:

  • Sneak Paths – unintended electrical (current) paths within a circuit and its external interfaces
  • Sneak Timing – unexpected interruption or enabling of a signal due to switch circuit timing problems which may cause or prevent the activation or inhibition of a function at an unexpected time
  • Sneak Indications – undesired activation or deactivation of an indicator which may cause an ambiguous or false display of system operating conditions
  • Sneak Labels – incorrect or ambiguous labeling of a switch which may cause operator error through inappropriate control activation

Omnicon’s Automated Sneak Circuit Analysis Tool

Engineering analysts have performed Sneak Circuit Analysis on critical systems for decades, but without automation the analysis has been tedious, error-prone and labor-intensive. As a result, the usefulness of the analysis has generally been limited to projects with large budgets and extended schedules. Omnicon’s Automated Sneak Circuit Analysis tool provides a complete and fully accurate assessment of sneak behavior while minimizing possibilities of human errors. Omnicon’s automated approach substantially lowers cost and analysis time while greatly improving accuracy and thoroughness.

Omnicon’s Sneak Circuit Tool brochure provides more information.

With Omnicon, Sneak Circuit Analysis is now feasible for all critical designs as its cost is on par with the commonly applied Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA).

Rocket Launch

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Solutions to Sneak Circuit Analysis of Very Large Equipment/Systems Designs

whitepaper_icon_02-e1480360948915-everglowWhat’s Inside: Performing a Sneak Circuit Analysis on a large or complex system has traditionally been a labor-intensive task. Because of the sheer cost of the huge amount of time that it typically takes to complete this kind of analysis, this process is often overlooked, or de-prioritized in order to meet schedule, and budgetary constraints.

January 5, 2016