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Testability Engineering Chain

Complete Testability Engineering Services from The Reliability Engineers

Testability Engineering makes products easier to produce and less likely to fail by streamlining test operations. It provides the means to detect impending failures by performing health checks, such as determining whether internal circuits are operating outside design tolerance. At the factory, more thorough testing can improve product quality and reduce warranty returns.

For systems that are safety critical, mission critical, or revenue critical, testability engineering can develop ways for systems to perform health checks and alert users before a failure actually occurs.

An Integral Part of Design and Development

Improved testability reduces product testing cost and time while improving testing throughness. In addition, it streamlines troubleshooting and repair for both product acceptance tests and production tests. Common techniques to facilitate or improve testability include making internal circuit points accessible and adding provisions for injecting test signals. Other techniques include addition of self-test, operational modes that activate internal circuits and facilities to work with automated test equipment. Testability task include:

  • BIT Strategy and Design
  • Fault Detection Analysis
  • Fault Isolation Analysis
  • Robustness Assessment
  • Design for Testability
  • Testability Analysis
  • Prognostics and Health Monitoring
  • False Alarm Rate Prediction
Testability Engineering board

Product Improvements to Lower Cost

Testability engineering provides the same benefits at sub-product levels as well – circuit cards, subassemblies, and programmable logic devices. Benefits are cost-effective for any production quantity.

Testability should be integral to your product design to fully realize the benefits in your final design. Omnicon engineers can assess the testability requirements of your product design, identify the risk areas – even the ones most difficult to evaluate – and suggest ways to improve test thoroughness while streamlining test operations and fault isolation.

May 12, 2016