Determining reliability design failures

An aircraft company’s landing lights were experiencing a reduction in illumination leading to excessive maintenance costs. HBM Prenscia Solution performed prediction and stress analyses, lab tests and thermal profiles on sample units to determine the cause of the failure and implemented several design improvements.


The Challenge

An aircraft electrical equipment manufacturer had experienced reliability issues in the field, causing excessive maintenance costs and potential loss of market share. A root cause analysis and associated design modification was required.

The Solution

After performing a root cause analysis and a thorough design review, our team performed stress and reliability analyses focusing on electrical and thermal profiling.

A detailed design review and failure analysis report highlighted the cause to be electrical and thermal factors. Design improvements were suggested to reduce the electrical and thermal stresses on the current design.

The Results

The customer incorporated the recommended design improvements into their next generation product.

These changes saved the customer continued maintenance costs and helped keep their customer's fleet in service.

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