Automated test stations to verify complex aircraft systems with extensive data interfaces

HBM Prenscia Solutions assisted with setup and use of a purchased system, developed graphical user interfaces to let test engineers select and customize tests, developed test software to translate client-developed test procedures into instructions for the test station, and developed software which made configuration of test equipment data-driven.


The Challenge

The client required four identical test stations for development and test of particular designs used on commercial aircraft. The client had previously developed hardware and software for such test stations in-house and expected to do the same for a newly designed system. Control systems to be tested had extensive redundant serial data interfaces and extensive data interchanges, all adding to the challenge.

The Solution

Prenscia Solutions research identified general-purpose, highly configurable test station systems designed for test of aircraft electronic systems. An existing company in Western Europe produced these systems and was currently supplying them to other U.S. aircraft system developers. Using purchased systems, the client eliminated costs associated with development of specialized test equipment.

The Results

The client saved substantial development costs on the current project but could also expect substantial savings on future developments because the purchased equipment was highly configurable.

The client could further adapt software applications developed by our team to support testing of future projects with the purchased test systems.

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