Supporting systems engineering activity on a broad spectrum of programs

Systems engineering integrates all engineering disciplines for a project into a proficient, streamlined process that efficiently takes the project from concept to completion, while meeting all requirements and technical goals of the project. With over three decades of proven experience in systems engineering, we know how to navigate complex and challenging systems, allowing you to meet your system challenges. Our system engineers always consider the big-picture through effective communication and an in depth knowledge of the integrated life-cycle behind every system.

  • System requirements definition
  • System concepts and trade-off analyses
  • Processor timing/sizing analysis
  • Algorithm development
  • Modeling and simulation development
  • Equipment interface requirements development
  • User interface requirements development
  • Make/buy analyses
  • Maintenance concept development
  • Data analysis
  • Performance analysis

Providing additional systems expertise for your project

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Improving System Health Monitoring with Better Error Processing

What’s Inside: To help identify unexpected software events and impending hardware failures, developers typically incorporate error-checking code in their software to detect and report them. Unfortunately, implementing checks with reporting capabilities that give the most useful results comes at a price. Such capabilities should report the exact nature of impending failures and additionally limit reporting to only the first occurrence of an error to prevent flooding the error log with the same message. They must report when an existing error or fault is replaced by another error of a different nature or value.