Test engineering and solutions to streamline your operations

As a leader in designing automated test equipment that meets the specific needs of customers, we encourage ongoing customer involvement to ensure that the equipment we develop meets their requirements, automates testing to the greatest extent possible, and is easy to use. Our customized test solutions and test engineering are integral parts of the product development and testing phase. Our equipment is designed using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components wherever possible to reduce development costs and to accelerate delivery. Our background in reliability and maintainability assures that our test equipment quickly detects all faults, is dependable and easily expandable for additional capabilities. Our skills in software development assure that applications are maintainable and well documented, and that test equipment operation is informative, efficient and thorough.

Test system design

  • Modular Construction
  • Commercial Components
  • Design for Easy Maintenance and Expansion
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interfaces

Test System Software

  • Embedded or PC-driven Software
  • Commercial Software Packages
  • Built-in Test

Test and Integration

  • Integration Plan Development
  • Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) Development
  • Test Execution and Troubleshooting

Test System Documentation

  • User and Maintenance Manuals
  • Drawing and Documentation Packages
  • Design Description Documents

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